Reaching Spanish Speaking Farm Workers of WNY

Partner with us in reaching people with the Gospel of Jesus CHrist

"Open your eyes and look at the fields, because they are ready for harvest." - John 4:35

Elements of Ministry  

Translation Work

We provide personal translation support for individuals and families.  We also offer translation for local church events and services.  

Discipleship Training 

We provide Spanish-speaking individuals, couples, and families with spiritual discipleship. 

BIble studies

Seasonally and throughout the year, we provide Bible studies for individuals, families, and groups. 

Outreach events

We host events throughout the year, particularly through the summer and fall harvest seasons, to share the Gospel with others.

English tutoring 

We provide informal individual English tutoring for those looking to improve their language abilities.

Local Church Partnership

We work with local churches to serve the spiritual needs of Spanish speakers in their congregation and assist with outreach efforts.    

About Us

From the Dominican REPUBLIC to Western New york

Through God's providence in 2020, during the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, we moved to the United States. During our adjustment to life in the States, we began to pray and ask God how we could continue to serve Him in our new country. We noticed the urgent need to share the Gospel with the Spanish-speaking farm workers in Western New York. Due to language and cultural barriers, the Spanish-speaking community is often isolated from the local church. We prayed and asked God to provide ways to reach out to the farming community.  
 As Felix began part-time work at one of the local farms,  Pastor Jennings from Ridgewood Bible Church connected us with other missionaries ministering in our area.  Together we began to play volleyball, organize activities in Spanish, and gather with friends. With each encounter, we continued to pray, and soon new friendships were formed, and discipleship opportunities opened up.  We sensed that was just the beginning of what God was calling us to serve.  More about Our Story

Ministry Partners

Home Church 
For over the past 20 years, Ridgewood Bible Church has invested in outreach to local Spanish speakers.  We provide Spanish translation for worship services and participate in church ministries.  Felix is currently a pastoral intern at the church and coordinates the Spanish ministry outreach with the team.            
Missions Agency
Our sending missions agency is MissionGO.  Mission Go provides us with financial accountability as an ECFA-certified organization.  They also provide a network of resourcing for the ministry.

The Wisnieski's

Mission Go Partner
Joe and Nicole are veteran missionaries serving the migrant community of Western New York for over ten years.  They provide pastoral counseling, outreach, discipleship, and Bible studies for the Hispanic community.       

People like you

Supporters & Volunteers
We can only do what we do because of people like you.   Whether you pray, give, or serve alongside, it takes the whole body of Christ to serve the mission of God.  

Join Our Team

We aim to partner with individuals, organizations, local churches, and others committed to reaching the migrant community with the Gospel.  For the mission to grow and flourish, we need the entire body of Christ to partner with us.  Whether you pray, give, or serve alongside us, we see you as part of our team.  We desire to invest not only in the Spanish ministry but also in you.  Let us grow in Christ together and love and serve this community.

Let's Serve Jesus Together.

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